“Green Precast Modular Systems” the world wide Pioneer of the 3D, volumetric, monolithic concrete modular construction innovation since the 1980s.

Green Precast Systems, GPS 3D Modular, the World's largest 3D modular factory , established in the UAE

"The way to build today and for the future"

Faster, Cheaper, Stronger, Better.
Green Precast Installation of the 360m2 took 1hour and 4 workers. Our installation was compared with the site next door using conventional flat panel precast, that had 45 men working 7 hours and installed 300M2.
Modern Residential City, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Green Precast Systems and Technologies commenced production on the AED450million, 'Modern Residential City' in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

‘MRC’ is a 330,000 m2 development, providing accommodation for 25,000 people by 2010 (12 months from commencement).

As a premier organization in Abu Dhabi, Al Rayan are committed to supporting the aspirations of the government in delivering environmentally friendly and sustainable technologies to the UAE; upholding their drive for a green future. This ensured Green Precast Systems was a natural choice of development partner.

Green Precast Systems and Technologies delivers the world's most advanced, patented, 3 dimensional monolithic precast concrete building system. Providing a concrete structure that is accurate, robust, innovative, sustainable and with a high quality finish.

The region’s first 10m x 6m (60m2 mould @58tonnes) mould has now been hoisted into position as production begins at the ‘Modern Residential City’.

The Green Precast System encompasses many benefits including: dramatically reducing overall construction time: the system can be up to 50% faster than conventional construction methods. Costs can be reduced by up to 30% over traditional methods and is also 95% waste free!

The monolithic modules are earthquake resistant, totally relocatable and recyclable, and up to 50% stronger than other construction methods.

Mr Salvatore Saker, the CEO and Managing partner of Green Precast Systems says: “We are delighted to partner Al Rayan, an educated entity with delivering a green United Arab Emirates as their main task, starting with the MRC project. Today is an important milestone in the development of MRC and marks that we are now on site and in production; scheduled to complete the development of 330,000m2 within 12 months”.

“We are proud of the Green Precast system that we have developed and patented. It is high-tech, high quality, 3D monolithic precast solution; a method of construction that enables significant savings to be made, from construction cost to ongoing running costs. On the MRC development, with the use of value engineering - savings were calculated and can vary between 10% and 25% based on final design”. Mr Saker continued.

With the worldwide economical and environmental change, Mr Saker enforces that: Green Precast Systems is ‘the way to build TODAY and for the FUTURE’.

Green Precast Systems and Technologies, also has a solution for grey water treatment, up to 85% in energy consumption reduction, and up to 50% in running/ cooling cost.

Green Precast Systems is a member of the Emirates Green Building Council and will be creating up to 5,000 jobs in the UAE.