“Green Precast Modular Systems” the world wide Pioneer of the 3D, volumetric, monolithic concrete modular construction innovation since the 1980s.

Green Precast Systems, GPS 3D Modular, the World's largest 3D modular factory , established in the UAE

"The way to build today and for the future"

Faster, Cheaper, Stronger, Better.
Green Precast Installation of the 360m2 took 1hour and 4 workers. Our installation was compared with the site next door using conventional flat panel precast, that had 45 men working 7 hours and installed 300M2.
Message from the CEO
After a challenging and ultimately successful couple of years in the international market, Green Precast Systems & Technologies has been honored to receive the Citybuild Excellence in Construction awards for “Best Product” and for “ INNOVATION” for 2010 in recognition of the innovative and practical solutions our way of building has brought to the region.

While sustainability and the building industry may not be the most intuitive of partners, at Green Precast we take the environmental, social and economic responsibility of corporate citizenship seriously and strive to manage our business and commercial enterprises with regard for the impacts and outcomes along the supply chain. Our specialized, patented manufacturing and erection processes minimize the carbon footprint of our operations, significantly contributing to the sustainability of projects in which we participate.

This belief translates into commercial success for us with the main advantages of our way of building all tracking strongly towards those impacts and outcomes being good for people, the planet and prosperity.

Our superior quality structures are manufactured according to all international recognized standards, even meeting the highest challenging structural requirements and engineering challenges in blast proof” and “high seismic load” resistance, delivering permanent housing and civic infrastructure cost effectively in terms of time (planning and construction) space, materials and labour whilst maintaining an environmental (materials, transport) and workplace safety advantage against our peers.

Our initial projects designed and developed in close consultation with governments and private developers are delivering on their promise to be cost-effective, quality products especially in the housing market. Our building solutions are ideal for all types of housing from low-cost to the highest end as well as for individual family villas and are in demand in countries trying to improve the living standards of their citizens. We excel in producing structurally superior solutions with minimal jointing and integral strength. Value is enhanced through even load distribution meaning deep-beam footings are not required and with +/-2mm tolerances, quality is assured. Our high-quality units are erected in hours saving on construction time and expensive holding costs.

Our success gives our Team the chance to consider new frontiers and applications for our building system. Where do we look for inspiration? Where does the need lie? Where can the way we build best meet those needs? As I follow the news, our world seems wrung with humanitarian disasters. Some hit with little or no warning, are high impact with human consequences which will resonate through families, communities and ultimately nations for generations to come. There are hurricanes, earthquakes and tsunamis, not to mention decimated warzones and displaced populations. Often as a consequence of their unique geography certain regions are disaster prone.

The need is here. I feel there is much potential for GPS&T to build desperately needed housing and vital facilities these ravaged communities.

We can build to a tight schedule, working with official disaster risk management to progressively accommodate the homeless and vital services in disaster ready and resilient built environments. These shattered communities can resume their way of life and get back to business sheltered by securely designed dwellings.

Current GPS&T projects boast integrated emergency services and design aimed at risk mitigation and ease of response at the community level. Our Risk Management consultants are involved from design to review across town planning, structural design and material specifications leading to a safer, low risk, long-term solution.

In addition to the many construction applications to which our system is suited, when a coordinated effort towards rebuilding in the wake of a disaster is required, GPS&T can offer an experienced, expert, technologically adaptable and sustainable solution.

Salvatore Saker