“Green Precast Modular Systems” the world wide Pioneer of the 3D, volumetric, monolithic concrete modular construction innovation since the 1980s.

Green Precast Systems, GPS 3D Modular, the World's largest 3D modular factory , established in the UAE

"The way to build today and for the future"

Faster, Cheaper, Stronger, Better.
Green Precast Installation of the 360m2 took 1hour and 4 workers. Our installation was compared with the site next door using conventional flat panel precast, that had 45 men working 7 hours and installed 300M2.
The high power factor Ecobulb™ is the highest performing Compact Fluorescent Lamp (CFL) available on the Australasian market. With an ultra compact spiral shape, high light output and low mercury content, the Ecobulb™ has become the highest selling CFL on the New Zealand market.

Developed by New Zealand energy efficiency company Energy Mad, over 3.5 million Ecobulbs™ have been sold and installed in New Zealand households via the Ecobulb™ projects. This equates to five Ecobulbs™ in each of 50% of the homes in New Zealand.

These Ecobulbs™ are saving (over their lifetimes) an equivalent amount of electricity as that used by Christchurch homes for one year, $331 million worth of consumer electricity, and 1.29 million tonnes of carbon dioxide (equal to removing 300,000 cars from the road for one year).

Unlike normal CFLs with a power factor of 0.5 – 0.6, the 0.93 power factor Ecobulb™ was specifically developed to increase the peak load savings for electricity utility companies when implementing CFL projects. The high power factor Ecobulb™ also has dramatically lower harmonic emissions relative to low power factor CFLs – and therefore avoids the power cuts that can result from high numbers of normal power factor CFLs.

Consequently, various electricity retail and distribution companies, along with the New Zealand Government’s Electricity Commission, have been key partners in implementing the Ecobulb™ projects in New Zealand. The Ecobulbs™ projects have been implemented in conjunction with Foodstuffs supermarket stores (Pak’n Save, New World and Four Square), and from Shell service station outlets. In July 2007, Energy Mad also implemented the first New Zealand wide CFL recycling scheme through Shell service station outlets.

Ecobulbs™ are also available in Australia (via Woolworths supermarket stores), the United States and Singapore.

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