“Green Precast Modular Systems” the world wide Pioneer of the 3D, volumetric, monolithic concrete modular construction innovation since the 1980s.

Green Precast Systems, GPS 3D Modular, the World's largest 3D modular factory , established in the UAE

"The way to build today and for the future"

Faster, Cheaper, Stronger, Better.
Green Precast Installation of the 360m2 took 1hour and 4 workers. Our installation was compared with the site next door using conventional flat panel precast, that had 45 men working 7 hours and installed 300M2.
The construction and property industries have substantially increased its awareness of environmental issues over the past few years, and Green Precast Systems and Technologies recognises the importance of taking a proactive approach to environmental management.

Some aspects of our environmental management system are as much about business efficiency as they are about environmental improvement. Green Precast Systems and Technologies is keen to capitalise on such opportunities that might arise from improved environmental performance.

At Green Precast Systems and Technologies we are keen to embrace new ideas and changing technologies and continue to research and develop our systems and technologies; if these will assist our core philosophy of developing structures that meet the changing requirements of the developers and occupiers cost effectively and with an emphasis on customer service at all times.

Corporate Social Responsibility Policy
The Green Precast Systems and Technologies; Corporate Social Responsibility Policy sets the framework for the way we manage our corporate responsibilities whilst maintaining commercial viability, long-term profitability and enhancement of our reputation.

Through our business principles and operations, we aim to nurture opportunities and manage risk by:

Promoting the sustainable use of resources.
Minimizing, reusing and recycling waste.
Protecting and enhancing biodiversity.
Integrating environmental and social issues into our supply chain relationships, where possible.
Promoting the highest standards of Health and Safety for our employees and all who work on our behalf.
Supporting communities, which are able to benefit from our business.
Providing a good working environment for our employees, treating them with respect and fairness.